what a beautiful day to stay indoors

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We live to learn. To explore. To experience. To feel. 
We are not here just to have fun and enjoy, but to also face difficulties and challenges.
There’s an explanation as to why a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. A skilled sailor knows how to navigate through rough seas.
If the sea is calm, there wouldn’t be any challenges to face nor deal with. And this parallels to our everyday lives. 
Without problems, we wouldn’t be able to know what we are truly capable of. We wouldn’t know what it feels like to be disappointed or pleased. How to deal with situations with ease.
Which is why we shouldn’t just thank God for the good things, but also those that challenged us and made us better people.
We need happiness to be content.
But we need to feel pain too. To learn. To explore. To experience. To feel.



This was probably the greatest thing I’ve seen all day!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, my new favorite gif.

Palpatine is gonna be PISSED